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What does it mean for materials to be biocompatible? What exactly is holistic dentistry? And what types of dental care technology does William B. Langston III, DDS use at his Sunnyvale dental office to ensure patient health, satisfaction, and safety? We want you to have all the answers about your oral healthcare so you can make a wise decision for the wellness of yourself and your family. Nothing is more precious than health, and we know that your oral health plays a role in complete wellness.

What does it mean for materials to be biocompatible?

At our Sunnyvale holistic dentistry practice, you’ll hear a lot about biocompatible materials. Biocompatible materials are restorative and cosmetic dentistry materials that provide the desired function without creating any undesirable local or systemic effects in the body. They support overall health and provide a natural look and feel. Examples of biocompatible materials include composite resin fillings and porcelain crowns. We’re a mercury free dental practice, meaning all of the materials used at our office to restore and beautify your smile are safe.

What is holistic dentistry?

Holistic medicine is any medicine that recognizes that the entire body works as a whole for optimal health and wellness. Holistic dentistry works with the idea that the mouth is just one part of an interconnected whole. Our holistic dental practice in Sunnyvale, Texas focuses on using dentistry to alleviate pain and encourage optimal overall function.

What kind of dental care technology can be found in your office?

Technology has the power to greatly improve care, encourage healing, and make dentistry more comfortable. We use the following technology in our Sunnyvale dental office:

Our technology is safe for your overall health. For instance, digital X-rays emit much lower levels of radiation, and diode lasers help disinfect the area being treated, preventing complications and infection.

Our office also has comforts, such as blankets, headphones, and movies for longer in-house procedures. We want your experience to be comforting every step of the way.

Dr. Langston and team

Are you interested in exploring the mouth/body connection with us? Contact our Sunnyvale holistic dentistry practice for an appointment. We offer safe, healthy, biocompatible dental care for families from the entire Dallas/Ft. Worth area, including Garland, Mesquite, and Sunnyvale.

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