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Extraoral Chairside Suction – Sunnyvale, TX

Creating Cleaner Air

AirJR extraoral chairside suction device in Sunnyvale against white background

Dental office safety is critical. Without adequate protocols and technology to aid in infection control and disease prevention, both patients and dental team members are at risk of contracting illness. Dr. Langston understands that, which is why he is always looking for opportunities to invest in tools that will help him to protect his staff and the people who trust him to care for their oral health. One piece of technology that helps him maintain a clean and healthful office environment is the AirJR Extraoral Suction System.

The Importance of Extraoral Suction

Dentists commonly use intraoral suction to remove excess saliva and fluids during procedures. It is a staple in most dental offices. Extraoral suction is a bit different. As its name implies, it occurs outside the mouth. It is vital because when a dentist is working, many types of droplets and particulates can get released into the air. For example, viruses, germs, tiny bits of saliva and blood, and more may spread throughout the operatory. Without suction, they could be breathed in, or they could land on the clothing of the dentist, assistants, or patient. Containing those substances is an important part of maintaining an environment that is as clean as possible.

How the AirJR Works

The AirJR is am FDA-approved chairside suction device that bears a resemblance to a lamp. Instead of providing light, however, it provides powerful suction that captures bioaerosols as they are released during treatment. It is able to stop 99.97 percent of germs and viruses. Some of the features that enable it to be so effective include:

How It Affects the Treatment Experience

The AirJR will not have a big impact on what you experience in the dental office. It will create some sound as its fan works to capture bioaerosols, but it should not affect your comfort while Dr. Langston carries out necessary treatment. Indeed, it may increase your comfort because it can give you the peace of mind that comes with knowing you are receiving care from a dentist who truly cares about your health and safety and that of his staff members.

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