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Holistic Dentistry - Sunnyvale, TX

Oral Health is Part of Total Wellness

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If you want to experience complete wellness, you need to consider your oral health. That’s why Dr. William Langston focuses on holistic dentistry at our Sunnyvale, TX dental office. Your regular checkups and cleanings will act as the starting point for your oral health. With holistic dentistry, you can lower your risk of cavities, gum disease, and many other dental health problems that will stand between you and a healthy body.

Why Choose Long Creek Dental for Holistic Dentistry?

  • Dentist with 46 Years of Experience
  • Mercury-Free
  • Care That Can Stop Snoring & Treat Sleep Apnea

Comprehensive Dental Care

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Whenever you walk into our dental office, we want you to be confident that we can give your teeth whatever they need. Whether it is a simple checkup and cleaning, a tooth restoration, or something to simply make your smile shine brighter, we know we can help you.

Periodontal Therapy

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Your gums are just as important as your teeth when it comes to your oral health. Conditions like gum disease have also been linked to much more serious problems like diabetes, heart disease, and dementia. We will always examine your gums and be able to quickly treat them if they show any signs of infection.

Learn More About Periodontal Therapy

TMJ Therapy

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The joints located in front of your ears are called the temporomandibular joints, or TMJ. Like any other joint in your body, they can become strained or injured, which can lead to chronic pain. We can use a custom-made oral appliance or functional orthodontics to help them heal and bring your jaw back into alignment.

Learn More About TMJ Therapy

Sleep Apnea Therapy

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Sleep apnea is a disorder suffered by nearly 20 million Americans that causes them to stop breathing while they sleep. It can not only affect someone’s rest, but their overall health as well. Your dentist can work with you to treat your sleep apnea and help you get the vital sleep that you need.

Learn More About Sleep Apnea Therapy

Mercury-Free Dentistry

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Traditional metal fillings contain mercury, which is an extremely toxic substance. We only use composite resin for our fillings, which not only protects you from mercury exposure, but also gives you a filling that looks better and lasts longer.

Learn More About Mercury-Free Dentistry

Biocompatible Restorations

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Whenever we repair one of your teeth, we want to make sure it also works well with your entire body. Our restorations, using composite resins or porcelain, work for a wider variety of people than traditional metal restorations and are much easier to place.

Learn More About Biocompatible Dentistry

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If you’re looking for fine general dentistry with an alternative twist, consider the holistic dental care offered by Dr. Langston in Sunnyvale, Texas. Because of the comprehensive and holistic nature of our dental office, patients come to us from the entire Dallas/Ft. Worth area. Take good care of yourself with a visit to Dr. Langston – make an appointment today.