Meet the Team

Jennifer, Appointment Coordinator

Appointment coordinator, JenniferAs a patient greeter, Jennifer's face will often be the first one you see when you come to our office. She also helps with dental assisting when needed. She's from Forney and attended dental assisting school at Collin County Community College, graduating in 1999. She's been with our practice since 2012. Jennifer feels right at home in our nurturing atmosphere and loves all the people she works with. As an outgoing person, she's great at her job, and when she has time, she enjoys crafting, decorating, and spending time with her husband and three children.

Dental assistant and supplies coordinator, BarbaraBarbara, Dental Assistant and Supplies Coordinator

Barbara is from Dallas and has been with our practice since 2000. She has an associate's degree in dental assisting, X-ray certification, CPR certification, and certification to monitor patients on nitrous oxide. She really helps our office run as efficiently as possible.

Shannon, Business Manager

Business Manager, ShannonShannon handles patient accounts and insurance, schedules appointments, and goes over treatment plans with patients. She's been in dentistry for almost 20 years and with our practice since 2001, and she has an associate's degree in business. She enjoys working for a practice where holistic dental knowledge is put to use, and she helps us create a loving and comforting atmosphere. As a team player and multitasker, Shannon makes a great business manager. She's married with three sons.

Meghan, Dental Assistant

Dental assistant, MeghanShannon is from Garland, Texas and has been with our practice since 2002. She's a certified dental assistant with training in taking X-rays, monitoring patients on nitrous oxide, and performing CPR. She's proud to work for a practice where all the dental care is natural and holistic and no metal restorations are used.

Mandy, Appointment Coordinator

Appointment Coordinator, MandyMandy helps coordinate scheduling for our office. She's been with us for over 10 years, and she has learned so much about holistic dentistry in that time. She is very friendly, outgoing, and knowledgeable about holistic dentistry and TMJ treatment, making her a great fit for our office. She lives in east Texas with her husband.

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