Straighten Your Smile with Functional Orthodontics in Sunnyvale

A Holistic Approach to Bite Alignment

women smiling with bracesAs a holistic dentist, Dr. William B. Langston III understands how important the bite relationship is for overall oral function, health, and beauty. Using functional orthodontics, we treat problems such as TMJ dysfunction by bringing the bite into alignment to alleviate issues caused by malocclusion (bad bite) at our Sunnyvale dental practice near Dallas and Fort Worth.

Functional orthodontics focuses on the shape of the facial profile as well as straightening teeth during treatment. Functional orthodontics can provide you with a more beautiful smile and pleasing facial shape, and this form of orthodontics can also be used to address TMJ dysfunction problems. Orthodontic appliances are used to reposition jaws and encourage growth. Unlike traditional orthodontics, functional orthodontics will not use tooth extraction to address problems with an overcrowded smile. Instead, functional orthodontics guides teeth into the proper placement following the pattern that would've been achieved if they had developed properly in the first place.

A Modern Take on Orthodontics

A retruded chin, or a mandible that is positioned too far back, cannot be addressed with traditional orthodontics, but functional orthodontics can bring the lower jaw forward for a properly balanced bite and beautiful profile. It is through this repositioning that functional orthodontics can play a role in TMJ therapy treatment for TMJ dysfunction.

Functional orthodontics is a modern way of looking at orthodontic treatment. By focusing on multiple facets of bite positioning and not just focusing on straightening teeth with the same methods that have been in use for decades, functional orthodontics is a great way to find greater confidence and comfort as well as treat TMJ dysfunction. To learn more about TMJ therapy, visit our TMJ therapy page, and to learn more about functional orthodontics, go here.

Contact the office of William B. Langston III, D.D.S. for complete holistic dental care in the Dallas and Fort Worth, Texas area. If you're experiencing TMJ pain or other problems with your bite, we can provide modern functional orthodontic care and so much more, supporting optimal health and function with a different kind of dentistry. Visit our Sunnyvale dental office to learn more!

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