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At Long Creek Dental, our passionate and caring team is ready to offer reliable solutions to every member of your family, whether young or old. Our experienced dental practice provides a broad range of services guided by a gentle and respectful touch that we believe every patient deserves. We perform all procedures with a compassionate chairside manner and years of experience in the field to help rejuvenate the health, aesthetics, and functionality of your smile.

We provide a holistic dental care approach, treating every patient who walks through our doors with efficient and comprehensive assistance, considering every piece of the puzzle. Our skilled dentist, Dr. William B. Langston III, is backed by modern tools and biologically appropriate materials to provide natural-looking and long-lasting results with safety always in mind. We have spent years developing effective techniques that provide a high standard of care, striving to promote overall oral health and well-being for years to come. Contact our Sunnyvale dental practice to schedule an appointment today!


Comfortable & Friendly Dental Care

Our dentist and trusted staff are committed to helping individuals prone to anxiety feel safe and comfortable during all services. We project a friendly demeanor and attentive chairside manner, helping to alleviate any negative stigma you may have regarding professional dental care. Our team features excellent listeners who strive to understand your goals, wishes, and concerns so we can better tailor our services to your unique smile and help you achieve a beautiful and healthy oral condition.

"Dr. William Langston is a great and knowledgeable dentist! He has wonderful front receptionists and a great dental assistant! He has helped me greatly with my severe TMJ issues and isn't like most other dentists that push unnecessary treatment on you and want to do extra work for no reason, or like other dentists that will just pull your teeth with no second thoughts. And yes, his practice is pretty holistic. OBVIOUSLY, he'll x-ray you, because, after all, your teeth are BONES! highly recommend going to Dr. Langston if you need dental care or a new dentist, his office is clean, in a nice location and he and his staff are just wonderful."

-Kayla V.

Our Holistic Approach to Dentistry

Our dentist, Dr. William B. Langston III, has provided reliable dentistry with a holistic approach since 1990. He understands the connection between oral health and overall health, and he is dedicated to offering comprehensive services that treat the cause rather than just the symptoms.

We are a small dental practice offering large practice capabilities. Our seasoned dental team utilizes advanced tools and diagnostics to gain a valuable vantage point regarding the nuances of your oral structure. We take a biocompatible approach to dental services guided by our excellent attention to detail. Our focused team understands how the jaw, head, neck, airways, and more can affect your oral health in ways you may not realize.

Exceptional Holistic Dental Care in Sunnyvale

At Long Creek Dental, we are dedicated to becoming your reliable partner in oral health and well-being, serving you and your entire family with responsible services tailored to your unique smile. Our dental practice boasts a family-friendly and warm atmosphere, helping to give you peace of mind knowing you're in the confident hands of friends who have your best interest in mind.

Let our trustworthy Sunnyvale dental practice provide excellent and beautiful results for every smile in your family. We are backed by innovative technology and a dedication to satisfying and long-lasting results that will help you enjoy a future with a brighter, healthier, and more functional smile. Contact our skilled dentist and staff today to schedule an appointment!

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