High-Quality Dental Services for Sunnyvale Residents

family running towards to cameraYour oral health is a personal and precious asset – maybe even more so than you realize. For instance, research has linked gum disease to a number of whole-health problems, ranging from heart attack and stroke to diabetes complications and Alzheimer’s disease. Gum disease is also the main cause of adult tooth loss in the United States. Statistics show that many people without teeth don’t live as long as those with a full set of healthy teeth. This is just one example of the many reasons why we practice holistic general dentistry at the Sunnyvale dental office of Dr. William B. Langston III. We know that the entire body is interconnected, and we want to harness dentistry to support your whole-body health.

When we establish a foundation of great oral health through preventive, general, and restorative dentistry services, you can then build on that success with cosmetic enhancements for your smile. All along the way, we’ll use only quality biocompatible materials for your dental restorations and cosmetic treatments, ensuring that your health is guarded and encouraged by everything we do. As a holistic dentist, Dr. Langston considers how every single thing he does affects your health.

Our services include:

We can remove old amalgam fillings and replace them with biocompatible tooth-colored composite resin fillings, offering a metal free and mercury free alternative for your dental care. CEREC one-visit porcelain crowns bring together convenience and biocompatibility.

With alternative options for your dental care treatment, holistic dentist Dr. William B. Langston III is the dentist to visit in Sunnyvale, Texas for complete oral health. Our office also serves nearby communities in Sunnyvale, Garland, and Dallas, making sure that families have choice when it comes to oral healthcare. Contact us today for an appointment.

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