Electrostatic Disinfection

Superior Disinfection for Our Dental Office

 The outbreak of COVID-19 has caused many dental patients to wonder, “What is my dentist doing to keep me safe and healthy during my appointments?” Practices use many different means for sterilizing instruments, disinfecting surfaces, and limiting the spread of bioaerosols. However, not many of them use electrostatic disinfection — but your holistic dentist in Sunnyvale does. What exactly is electrostatic disinfection, how does it work, and how can it benefit you? This page answers those questions.

What Is Electrostatic Disinfection?

 With most disinfectants, they are applied by either spraying them onto a surface or are used to soak a towel or rag. On a microscopic level, this causes the disinfectant to miss many small nooks and crannies that could potentially harbor harmful bacteria and viruses. With electrostatic disinfection, the disinfectant is given a positive charge before it is applied. This enables it to spread more evenly on surfaces and reach areas that normally would be too small, leading to a deeper and more reliable clean.

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