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Your first checkup at Long Creek Dental will probably be a little different compared to other dentists you have visited. Our approach considers the entire body, not just the mouth, so Dr. Langston and our team will examine your airway, jawbone, and bite in addition to your teeth and gums. We’ll use digital X-rays and intraoral images to show you what we’re seeing, and based on your goals, we’ll work with you to put together a treatment plan.

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Dental Insurance Welcome

If you have dental insurance, then it’s more than welcome here at Long Creek Dental. We’re in-network with a long list of plans from several popular providers and can help our patients save as much as possible on their care. Just give us a call so we can verify your benefits, and we’ll even handle your claims for you so we can make sure you’re getting every dollar you deserve.

Ask our friendly team if we take your plan.

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