Crowns & Bridges

Fixed Tooth Replacement

Dental crowns and bridges consist of between one and about three replacement teeth in a row with crowns on either end. The crowns hold the bridge in place by sitting on the healthy teeth on either end of the gap left by the missing teeth. Bridges have been used for decades to replace missing teeth, offering fixed tooth replacement that's sturdy, stable, durable, and even natural-looking. We'll craft your dental crown and bridge from biocompatible porcelain, making this option both healthy and cosmetically-friendly.

Why You Need to Replace Missing Teeth

Why should you replace missing teeth? Missing teeth can actually lead to multiple health problems. They can contribute to gum disease, which can, in turn, contribute to a number of health problems, including heart attack and diabetes. Missing teeth can also lead to nutritional problems, as you can no longer chew a wide range of foods. Over time, missing teeth can cause your bite to change, putting extra stress and strain on your TMJ that creates chronic pain.

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If you're missing teeth and would like to explore a healthful option for replacing them, consider a crown and bridge from the Sunnyvale dental office of William B. Langston III, D.D.S. We offer holistic dentistry for the Dallas/Ft. Worth area of Texas, including Sunnyvale, Mesquite, and Garland. Contact us today to make an appointment with Dr. Langston and take the first step toward complete health and wellness.


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