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Tooth Extractions

Taking into account your bite relationship and thinking about how extracting your tooth will play into the overall interaction between bones and muscles, Dr. Langston can remove any failing teeth in a way that makes the process comfortable while ensuring your health stays protected. For instance, have you ever heard of a cavitation? Many dentists never address cavitations, but Dr. Langston understands the problems they can pose and how to effectively treat them as part of your oral surgery care.


What is a cavitation? A cavitation is a hole in bone. These can occur in any bone, but Dr. Langston focuses on treating cavitations in the jawbone, which can be the aftereffect of tooth extraction. While it is believed that after an extraction that the hole left behind completely heals, this is not always the case. These cavitations are a breeding ground for bacteria and toxins, and Dr. Langston can provide extra care for your cavitations as part of your tooth extraction.


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