Complete Smile Makeover

This single procedure can provide you with a complete smile makeover, helping to improve your appearance and increase your self-confidence. You'll be amazed at what porcelain veneers can accomplish for your smile.

Cover Smile Imperfections

Porcelain veneers essentially cover up smile imperfections. We'll take impressions and have tooth-shaped pieces of porcelain made to fit your teeth, taking into account your preferences on color, shape, and size. Once we've got porcelain veneers crafted to your exact specifications, we'll place them on your teeth. With them, your smile will immediately change, giving you a whole new reason to show it off.

The Benefits of Porcelain

Porcelain is great for dental restorations and cosmetic dentistry because it fits in so well with your natural smile. It works well with gum tissue, keeping you from experiencing irritation. Porcelain also looks very much like your natural tooth enamel, allowing the veneers to blend and look as much like real teeth as possible. We choose porcelain for its strength as well as its beauty.

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