Bone Grafting

What is Platelet Rich Fibrin?

Platelet-rich fibrin is a clotting material made from your own blood. We can use PRF to improve the body’s healing ability and the natural regrowth of bone and soft tissue. Platelets are cell fragments found in the blood. They naturally increase the speed of healing and growth of natural tissues like the jawbone and gums.

Why Would I Need a PRF Graft?

We can use your body’s natural platelets to improve healing and regrow supportive structures. These platelets are found in a fibrin material that we can create from your blood. We will use PRF grafts for patients following tooth extraction. This protects the healing site from infection and promotes faster healing. We also use PRF in conjunction with dental implants to improve the success rates of placement and shorten healing time. Without PRF, dental implants can take six months or longer to fuse with the soft tissue and jawbone, but PRF can significantly reduce this time.

Is PRF Safe?

PRF Therapy is a completely safe process that uses your own blood platelets rather than foreign materials to recreate lost structures and tissues. Traditional bone grafts require invasive procedures that remove bone tissue from other parts of the body or bone from cadavers. While these treatments have made it possible for patients to replace missing teeth with dental implants, they can be hard on your oral and overall health. The treatments can take as long to heal as the implant placements themselves, and the body may reject the added bone. Instead, PRF utilizes your own healthy tissues, dramatically improving successful dental implant placement without the need for additional surgery. Even if you’re not replacing the tooth, applying PRF following extraction will decrease the amount of time it takes for the site to heal.

How is PRF Performed?

We draw a vial of your own, healthy blood, and a specialized system is used to spin that blood into a thick, clotted material – your PRF. We then place the PRF into the tooth extraction site or onto the jawbone before implant placement. The PRF reduces the risk of infection and significantly increases the speed of healing and chances for successful implantation.


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